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Jason Dufner in a cryogenic chamber? Jason Dufner in a cryogenic chamber (pics)


If we’ve seen it happen once, we’ve seen it happen a thousand times. An individual enjoys a tremendous amount of success in their particular field, be it sports — as is the case in this instance — or any other endeavor, and they change, more often than not in very strange ways and often for the worse. It looks like Jason Dufner very well could be heading down that same path into unhinged kookiness.

Granted, winning the PGA Championship was a monumental achievement for Dufner, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him taking a step back, taking stock and most of all, enjoying his success, much like he did when he slept with the Wanamaker Trophy.

But on Thursday, Dufner posted a photo to his Facebook page showing himself housed in some kind of cryogenic chamber contraption.

Via Facebook:


These kinds of apparatus are the first step away from endearingly eccentricity to the unfortunate descent into full-on, Howard Hughes-level maladaptive personality disorders. The next thing you know his fingernails will have grown so long he won’t even be able to hold a club, let alone put on a golf glove.

All kidding aside, apparently Dufner was at a place called Southern Cryotherapy that specializes in some kind of total body cold therapy. So it’s not like he’s going off the deep end or anything. In fact, to prove it to you, Dufner also posted a photo of his new puppy, Prince Louie, sitting in the Wanamaker trophy as well:


See? Nothing strange or eccentric about that.

Also posted to his Facebook page is a photo of his gorgeous wife Amanda holding the new family dog:


Nothing wrong with that. On many, many levels.