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Minor league pitcher Daniel Norris nearly drilled in head by line drive (video)


When something incredibly dramatic, paralyzingly dangerous and definitely terrifying occurs to someone, the person will often say, “My life flashed before my eyes.” After watching just how quickly what happened to Lansing Lugnuts pitcher Daniel Norris during a recent game occurred, one is left to wonder if he even had enough time to experience that sensation.

During Thursday’s game between the Lugnuts (the Single-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays) and the West Michigan Whitecaps (the Midwest League’s Class-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers), Norris was on the mound and David Gonzalez was at the plate.

Gonzalez connected with a Norris offering and the ball shot back at the pitcher like it was shot out of a cannon. With only centimeters and milliseconds to spare, Norris somehow was able to get his glove up just in the nick of time before the speeding baseball made a huge mess of his face and skull.

We had a little fun Thursday at the expense of New York Mets reliever LaTroy Hawkins’ awful experience when he was hit in the nuts with a comebacker, but even as painful and squirm-inducing that play was, it has nothing on this terrifying incident.

The way in which Norris lays on the ground, presumably thanking his lucky stars and realizing just how close he was to a horrific injury — or even death, for that matter — really says everything that needs to be said.

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