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Chris Mortensen uses the word ‘swag’ during report on A.J. Jenkins


According to a report from Pro Football Talk, ESPN’s Senior NFL Analyst Chris Mortensen used the word “swag” during an on-air report when discussing San Francisco 49ers receiver A.J. Jenkins.

Jenkins, a 2012 first round pick, apparently lacks confidence and “swag”, as swag-identifying expert Swag-Master Mortensen put it.

It must have been bizarre to see Mortensen actually use the word “swag.” And why? Is it because ESPN is trying to hip things up a bit with the launch of FOX Sports 1? Or is it simply a matter of Mort trying to belatedly keep up with fellow ESPN colleague John Clayton in the coolness department?

Try as you might, Mort — and you have come close at least one time — given Clayton’s well-established coolness pedigree, that ain’t ever going to happen.