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Seventeen years ago, 50,000 fans in Yankee Stadium did the ‘Macarena’ (video)


Remember the ’90s? Yeah, there was some good stuff going on for sure, but you won’t want to remember at the very least this sad, sad part of the decade. On Aug. 16, 1996, over 50,000 fans on the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium willingly took part in a group performance of the “Macarena,” the dance craze that swept the nation, nay the world.

Spurned on by the hit song of the same name by Los del Rio, the “Macarena” was unleashed, allowing uncoordinated, graceless dolts who wanted to dance but lacked any rhythm and could do little more than follow the most simplistic of choreography to boogie down on the dance floor with their equally awkward cohorts.


Good grief. It almost makes you wish humans could catch Mad Cow Disease, another thing from 1996 that would be best left in the past and forgotten.

As noted by Cut4, the unified demonstration of how even if something is grossly popular doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing was led by Broadway legend Chita Rivera, because, you know, why not?

Maybe I’m being too hard on such a historic and momentous event in group dancing history. But then again, I’m old school. Give me the “The Electric Slide” or “The Hustle” any day over the “Macarena.”