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Robert Griffin III received a wedding gift from a Dallas Cowboys fan? (video)


It should come as no surprise that most Dallas Cowboys fans have an antagonistic attitude towards Robert Griffin III, the dynamic Washington Redskins quarterback entering his second NFL season. In fact, many of them can barely contain their vitriol when it comes to the young man. After all, RG3 became the the face of the Redskins and changed the direction of the franchise nearly all on all his own. And in doing so, altered the competitive balance of the NFC East.

What should come as a surprise, though, is that RG3 and his wife, Rebecca Liddicoat — then his fiancée — received an interesting package from a Dallas Cowboys fan: A wedding gift.

The scene of RG3 and Rebecca opening up the gift is from the documentary, “RGIII: The Will to Win,” that will air on ESPN on Aug. 27.  And even though this unidentified Cowboys fan from Florida did in fact send the soon-to-be newlyweds a gift related to their impending nuptials, it wasn’t with the best of of intetions, nor did the gift bear well wishes in any sense.

“This must be a joke,” Rebecca says. “We got a nice gem of a gift.”

Yep. A Dallas Cowboys mug. As he looks at the “gift,” RG3 acknowledges that “As much love as there is out there, there’s a lot of hate.”

He then reads the note included with the gift: “Heard you were bragging about spanking the Cowboys; thought you could use a Dallas Cowboys mug to drown your sorrows after we whip you this year.”

Despite the mean-spirited nature of the gift, at least some person may enjoy it, as RG3 says the Cowboys mug will be donated to charity.

But here’s the question: Did Donovan McNabb send the couple a wedding gift? Doubt it.

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