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Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy spent offseason eating rats in the Amazon


(Photo courtesy of DeAndre Levy, via Detroit News)

Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy’s approach on how to spend a relaxing offseason may differ just a bit from the typical NFL player. It also is vastly different than how pretty much anyone would elect to spend a summer vacation.

You see, Levy has something of an adventurer’s spirit about him. Last summer, he swam with great white sharks swimming with great white sharks in South Africa and hiked through Botswana.

This summer’s trek, however, while similar in style and tone of his previous summer sojourn, had an interesting feature that even a rollicking individual such as Levy had never experienced: What was for dinner.

Levy traveled to Peru this summer and spent five days hiking along the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. Next up was a trip into the wildness of the Amazon rainforest, also in Peru. Levy reports he had only a few local guides as company. And the meals the fellas enjoyed were very, very unique, some may say gamey, as they lived off the land.

Yep. Levy ate frogs. And rats.

“Yeah,” Levy said, as reported in a Detroit News story. “There’s a little jungle rodent we had to catch with a spear.”

Once his teammates heard about how he spent his summer vacation, not surprisingly, most of them thought he was nuts, something else he feasted upon in the Amazon rainforest.

“Most of them think it’s crazy,” said Levy “They found out I went skydiving and they thought that was crazy. They thought the Amazon was nuts, eating frogs and rats and piranha and stuff like that.”

But traveling to the Amazon has been a lifelong dream for Levy. “Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to go to the Amazon,” he said.

His wandering spirit likely will lead Levy to even more exotic locales in the future, as he plans to visit Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya in the future.

Levy’s thoughts on how he attacks his free time perhaps sums up his personality best.

“And the way I went about it — I didn’t want to go on a cruise or to a resort or anything like that — I was just out there.”

Out there, indeed.

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