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LeBron James went to the dentist, posted pic of examination (photo)

In today’s exciting edition of “Where in the World is LeBron James?”, allow me to update you on the comings and goings of LeBron on Wednesday: It turns out he had an appointment at the dentist’s office.

Adding the message, “Someone please help me, PLEASE!! #DentistakaBoogieMan,” King James posted the above photo on Instagram of his examination. Looking good, LeBron. If his appointments are anything like mine, he is being told to floss more. Enough with the flossing!

So, for those keeping track, in the past week or so, LeBron James has had jury duty, visited the Nike campus and marveled at a ginormous sand sculpture and went to the dentist. Enthralling. Even the most mundane of tasks seem more interesting when LeBron is doing them.

Let’s just hope LeBron doesn’t have any appointments with the proctologist coming up on his hectic summer schedule. Yeesh.