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Here it is, in all its glory: The full version of James Harden’s ‘Harden Soul’ (video)


Earlier this week, a comical commercial debuted from Foot Locker starring James Harden and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry which featured the Houston Rockets star warbling through a studio performance of “Harden Soul,” which Harden insisted was his way of keeping things fresh, much to Curry’s chagrin.

But the 30-second spot just could not adequately document the magic captured in the studio on that day. So, on Wednesday, a video featuring Harden’s entire, cringe-inducing performance was released. And goodness gracious, it is absurdly — and intentionally — awful.

One question: What’s with all the shrimp? Am I missing something?

Ha. “I work so harden to be with u, I share my harden soul with only u.” Gold. As in gold-freaking record, man. This track is going to “rocket” up the charts, I’ll assure you of that, good sirs and good madams.

Hey, it’s not any worse than a lot of the other crap polluting the airwaves these days. All the song needs is to have some hot producer and a cameo from some up-and-coming pop star or rapper.

Oh, and autotune. Lots and lots of autotune. Which really doesn’t separate it, once again, from most of the terrible pop music these days. Consarnit.

[H/T Ball Don’t Lie]