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Notre Dame RB tries to plow through gauntlet machine backwards (video)

And, as you may well imagine, his attempt did not end well. A quick perusal of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team’s 2013 roster reveals that the running back who ran through the gauntlet machine backwards is Cam McDaniel, a junior on the squad.

The video is culled from a “Wired” segment on ESPN where Irish head coach Brian Kelly was, uh, “wired” for sound. Clever name for the segment. And fitting.

But in the end, who’s fault was it? The guy whose responsibility to set up the gauntlet machine in the right direction, Brian Kelly for not noticing it, or Cam McDaniel, for not realizing it wasn’t set up correctly?

To be honest, it’s hard to tell which way is the right way to set up the gauntlet. So, let’s blame it on the guy who placed it on the field as such.

Speaking of gauntlet, who else used to love that video game? Remember it? It was almost as awesome as watching a Notre Dame running back run get knocked back after trying to run through a gauntlet machine the wrong way. Almost.

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