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Michigan assistant coach acts a fool during team photo at players’ request (pic)


According to reddit user sarpo3000, members of the Michigan Wolverines football team dared special teams coach Dan Ferrigno to act a fool and strike some ridiculous pose when the official team photo was taken. Apparently, even as 60-year-old man, Ferrigno wasn’t going to back down from a dare, even if it wasn’t a triple-dog dare.

Ferrigno made a goofy face and made some silly gesture with his hands, unbeknownst to the portly fellow seated directly to his right.

Ferrigno’s moxie and willingness to go along with something for the players deserves praise. I guess when you’re related to “The Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno* to back you up, there is little reason to fear retribution for such outlandish behavior.

*not true

[H/T Lost Lettermen]