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LeBron James models new unis he gave to alma mater’s football team (video)

Over the weekend, LeBron James announced via his Instagram account (above) that he was donating new uniforms for the football team of his alma mater, Akron, Ohio’s St. Vincent-St.Mary’s High School. Along with the above photo, LeBron wrote, “New LeBron x Nike Football St.V-M Varsity football uniforms for this upcoming season #StateChampBound #AlmaMater #BlackOut #IWannaPlayFridayNightLightsAgain.”

While a nice enough gesture on its own, more was to come. Because as we have more than learned about King James, he doesn’t enjoy doing things too low key, so there he was, back on his old stomping grounds on Saturday to help officially unveil the team’s new unis.

Amid much pomp and circumstance (and a fog machine), reminiscent of his grand entrance after becoming a member of the Miami Heat, LeBron strutted his stuff on the catwalk (yeah, on the catwalk) to model the new gear.

Sporting the No. 9 jersey he wore as a junior before giving up football for good to focus on basketball, LeBron emerged from the smoke. Once students (quickly) realized just who was sporting the new duds, they mobbed him at the end of the runway, even before he had a chance to remove the helmet.

“It is awesome, man, to be able to go back,” James said following his surprise appearance and impromptu fashion show.  “I didn’t have a college. This is my college atmosphere. I have fun with all kids, and to be in a position to give back, it means everything.”

ESPN has released quality video of the event, held on the school’s football field on Saturday:

Yeah, it’s safe to say that with his imposing size and stature, his supreme athleticism and the way he fills out that uniform, LeBron probably could have played in the NFL had he chosen that career path.

And thankfully, LeBron, as he did during his debut in a Heat jersey, didn’t say anything about how he would donate new jerseys to the football team “Not 3, not 4, not 5” times.