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Colts owner Jim Irsay tries to justify price of preseason tickets on Twitter

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NFL season ticket holders have long complained about the rip-off job they perceive is being pulled on them by teams when they have to pay full price for meaningless — and often profoundly boring — preseason games.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, ever the Twitter junkie, took to the aforementioned social media platform to essentially issue a big old “au contraire” to those complaints, arguing that tickets for individual games in season ticket packages shouldn’t even have prices on them as season tickets are more or less a package deal.

Irsay sets forth his opinion regarding the issue as follows in a series of tweets brimming with social media shorthand, so you know he’s serious:

While Irsay makes a good argument — a ticket for the return of Peyton Manning in a Denver Broncos uniform is infinitely more valuable than a ticket to one of the two meaningless home preseason games — it could be argued that some of the logic is somewhat flawed.

If how Irsay lays it out is the way it should be — that the cost of a preseason game merely is 1/10th of the cost for 10 games of varying value and that should be accepted by season ticket holders, then why aren’t tickets to Colts preseason tickets sold at a discount to non-season ticket holders? Why hasn’t Irsay done that to help put butts in the seats during utterly unwatchable preseason football?

Granted, the alternative wouldn’t be a good option, either, where different games could be sold at differing price points. Although if Irsay could set the cost of individual games via some merit-based, a la carte value system, wouldn’t purchasing season ticket packages make little to no sense, the very thing he’s trying to insist is a perfectly legitimate enterprise?

idk mybe im confusing myself and ur free 2 arrive at ur own conclusion

Did I do that right? I can’t do Twitterspeak.

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