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A’s fan makes nice grab of foul ball, overdoes it a bit with celebration (video)

Since I have never been fortunate enough to count myself among those who have caught a ball at a major league baseball game, perhaps it is not appropriate for me to be overly harsh when critiquing how over-the-top an Oakland A’s fan reacted to hauling in a foul ball by leaning over the railing during a recent game between the Athletics and the Houston Astros at Coliseum.

With that said, is it just me, or is this kid just a little too pumped up over it?

Actually, scratch everything I just wrote. The above commentary is way, way off base, pun intended. This is exactly how a fan should react to snagging a souvenir, especially when making such a nifty grab while doing so. Video like these make my blogger job so much easier, and believe you me, it’s a tough gig.

Good on you, overjoyed Oakland Athletics fan. Unless a person happens to be one of those weirdos whose sole purpose in life in shagging baseballs hit into the seats, the chances to experience such a moment are few and far between.