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Wife Amanda posts pic of Jason Dufner sleeping with Wanamaker Trophy (photo)

With his dazzling play — as highlighted by this miraculous shot from Friday — over four rounds at Oak Hill in the PGA Championship, everybody’s favorite slouching underdog, Jason Dufner, finally realized some of his vast potential by hoisting the Wanamaker Trophy on Sunday after winning his first career major after holding off Jim Furyk, who never mounted much of a challenge in the final pairing.

Several photos and other media have surfaced of how delicately Dufner has been treating the keepsake (above) — not to mention his gorgeous wife Amanda’s behind (below)  — following his monumental victory, but perhaps no photo better depicts in abject adorableness just how much Dufner treasures the Wanamaker Trophy.

Amanda Dufner — and let it be said that Jason totally flew the green on the approach shot that snagged his better half — uploaded the below photo to Instagram of her hubby in bed snoozing while holding the trophy like some kind of teddy bear or security blanket, adding the message, “I’ve been replaced”:

 Awww, ain’t that cute?

Speaking of cute, how about how Dufner gave his darling wife a pat on the behind following his win on Sunday?

Now that’s cute. And speaking of Amanda, a quick perusal of the photos on her Instagram page gives the impression that she her profile may be raised a bit on the interwebs in light of her husband’s victory and as a consequence of her fetching looks:

As part of his whirlwind press tour, Dufner also hung out with Howard Stern and Michael Strahan and guest co-host Rebecca Romijn:

Living the dream, man.
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