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Unemployed NHL goalie grabs ball at Rafael Nadal match without spilling beer (vid)


Jose Theodore currently is without an NHL job, but the unemployed goaltender — who played in only 15 games as a Florida Panthers backup last season — demonstrated he still has catlike reflexes while taking in Sunday’s Rogers Cup final between Rafael Nadal and Milos Raonic in Montreal.

Trailing Nadal in a match he would ultimately lose in a rout, the Canadian Raonic offered up a relatively innocuous serve to Rafa, which the number-three tennis player in the world badly misplayed, sending the ball flying into the stands.

Who else but Theodore (according to a tweet fromĀ Florida PanthersĀ beat writer Harvey Fialkov) — nattily hatted, it must be point out — reaches up and snags the ball … without spilling a drop of his beer.

Fantastic grab. Still has the skills to pay the bills.

[H/T Puck Daddy]