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Tommy Lasorda kicks it with Ice Cube and Danny DeVito at Dodgers game (pics)


Los Angeles Dodgers legend and MLB icon Tommy Lasorda somehow, some way, met up with Ice Cube in the stands at Dodger Stadium during Monday night’s game against the New York Mets.

While that in and of itself would be worthy of a mention, here’s the message Mr. Lasorda tweeted out to his 95,000+ followers:

“@icecube told me it was a good day. I told him, “Everyday at Blue Heaven on Earth is a great day.”

But did Tommy L have to use his AK? That’s the question. Because we all know Lasorda didn’t partake in a breakfast with no hog. And which one of them had the brew and which one had the chronic? Okay, that’s enough of that nonsense.

Moving on, that’s not the only celebrity Mr. Lasorda met up with during Monday’s game. He also hooked up with Danny DeVito after the game. The guy gets around.

DeVito, who had a grand old time at the ballgame on his own by celebrating with Dodgers infielder Nick Punto following the team’s 4-2 victory.

Here’s DeVito and Lasorda hanging out:

Italians do it better. Heh. As an Irish-Italian, I can attest that, yes, yes we do. Well, I do it better halfway and then the Irish half of me emerges. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

And no word on whether or not any Limoncello contributed to DeVito’s antics.

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