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Makes scents: Company now selling college sports team-themed jar candles (pics)

alabama-crimson-tide-jar-candle ohio-state-buckeyes-jar-candleHow often has a person thought to himself or herself as they make the final preparations before guests arrive for a Saturday afternoon of college football: “You know, everything seems to be in order, but what my living room really lacks is a large jar candle featuring the college program we are going to root for today.”

If I’ve heard about it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times.

Thankfully, Yankee Candle has got our backs. After teaming up with the Collegiate Licensing Company, the candle operation recently announced a new line of college-themed scented jar candles.

Smells like … victory.

Said Hope Margala Klein, Yankee Candle executive vice president of brand, innovation, and merchandising, in a statement: ‘Our fans are as enthusiastic about showing their school pride as their love for Yankee Candle. By offering the Fan Candle Collegiate Collection, we can now offer the best of both worlds for our biggest fans!’’

Currently, the pickings are definitely super-conference-heavy. Retailing for $27.99, the large jar candles are available for the following teams, making note of the fragrances attached to each program (via Yankee Candle):

  • University of Alabama (Black Cherry)
  • University of Arkansas (Black Cherry)
  • Auburn University (Fruit Fusion™)
  • Boston College (Black Cherry)
  • University of Florida (Home Sweet Home®)
  • Florida State University (Black Cherry)
  • University of Georgia (Black Coconut)
  • University of Illinois (Spiced Pumpkin)
  • University of Kentucky (Clean Cotton®)
  • Louisiana State University (Vineyard®)
  • Michigan State University (Balsam & Cedar)
  • University of Mississippi (MacIntosh)
  • University of Missouri (MidSummer’s Night®)
  • University of North Carolina (Beach Walk®)
  • University of Notre Dame (Lucky Shamrock™)
  • Ohio State University (MacIntosh)
  • University of Oklahoma (Black Cherry)
  • University of South Carolina (MidSummer’s Night®)
  • University of Tennessee (Fruit Fusion™)
  • University of Texas (Spiced Pumpkin)
  • Texas A&M University (Black Cherry)
  • University of Virginia (Home Sweet Home®)
  • Virginia Tech University (Black Cherry)
  • West Virginia University (Home Sweet Home®)
  • University of Wisconsin (MacIntosh)

As you can see, Yankee Candle doubled-up on some fragrances and how the company arrived at some candles are a tad confusing.

On the other hand, some scents make perfect, um, sense, such as “Lucky Shamrock” for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, as well as “Spiced Pumpkin” for the Texas Longhorns and “Fruit Fusion” for the Tennessee Volunteers, which of course are based upon the team colors, a theme that appears to have been largely used in determining what fragrances go with which programs.

And let’s be honest, even if the fragrances of the candles don’t lend themselves well to the college sports team in question, who would really want a candle that smells like a Gator, Gamecock or a Razorback? Or a Fighting Illini, for that matter, whatever the hell that is.

[H/T Dr. Saturday]