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Foot Locker releases new James Harden spot, USB with detachable beard (vid/pic)


Foot Locker recently released a hilarious new commercial starring Houston Rockets star James Harden. In it, Harden attempts to showcase his talents as a soulful singer. Or, better put, Harden showcases his complete lack of any signing talent whatsoever. Harden says the reason for putting out an album is that he just had the best season of his career and has to keep things fresh.

Thankfully, Golden State Warriors budding young superstar Stephen Curry was on hand in the recording studio to intervene, disagreeing with Harden’s assertion on how to keep things fresh by telling him that a better way to do it is by heading to Foot Locker, where all the fresh new gear can be found. Clever segue.

It’s an amusing spot — although not as funny as his tearaway beard Foot Locker commercial from 2012 with then Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook — and even though it does highlight Harden’s dearth of vocal ability, it does showcase his sense of humor.

Apparently, Foot Locker is 100% committed to making Harden a big part of its upcoming advertising campaigns, as Darren Rovell reports that the company is sending out promotional materials that include a James Harden USB that features a detachable beard.


Now that’s cool.

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