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Cleveland Cavaliers fans welcome team mascot Moondog to wedding (photos)


Some couples may believe that having an NBA mascot crash their nuptials would be a distracting, unpleasant experience. On the other hand, for two Cleveland Cavaliers fans, having their favorite team’s mascot not only show up at their wedding but also be a good-time-having force that kept the party rocking throughout the reception was a welcome sight, indeed.

Yep, Ashlee and Ben’s magical wedding day, which was held last Saturday, became an even more memorable experience — on an entirely different, mascot-based level — thanks to the appearance of none other than Moondog. Photos of the festivities follow.

Via Moondog’s Flickr, where more photos are available:

 cleveland-cavaliers-moondog-wedding-2 cleveland-cavaliers-moondog-wedding-3 cleveland-cavaliers-moondog-wedding-4 cleveland-cavaliers-moondog-wedding-5 cleveland-cavaliers-moondog-wedding-6 cleveland-cavaliers-moondog-wedding-7 cleveland-cavaliers-moondog-wedding-8

It looks like a grand old time was had by one and all. No word on whether Moondog proposed a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds, nor any word on whether or not the rascally mascot partook in one too many cocktails at the bar. Somehow, I doubt it. Unless it was an open bar. If that was the case, folks are morally obligated to overindulge, right?

[H/T The Basketball Jones]