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Chris Bosh transformed into 8-foot-tall Raptor in NBA 2K13 simulation (video)


Granted, about the only reason why somebody would make a NBA 2K13 simulation featuring Miami Heat star Chris Bosh transformed into an 8-foot-tall, basketball-playing Raptor stems from the fact that Bosh spent his first seven NBA seasons as a member of the Toronto Raptors organization. Other than that, it’s simply awesome and no further reasoning need be applied to the marvelous work performed by MEliteWorksX as it transforms everybody’s favorite NBA oddball into a mutant freak.

Watch as Raptor Bosh imposes his prehistoric will upon smaller and inferior opponents in a scene that resembles what a pickup game on “The Island of Dr. Moreau” would have looked like if the island were not a fictionalized locale in a story written by H. G. Wells and the mutants played basketball and stuff. Well, one mutant. Raptor Bosh.

Via YouTube:

Amazing. That Raptor Bosh has mad ball skills, man. But how would he have played, say, if Bosh had been mutated into an ostrich. Not as well. Everybody knows ostriches can’t ball.

[H/T Total Pro Sports]