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PGA Championship GIFs: Kid dances behind Feherty, squeegees & boob grab videobomb


It’s been an eventful morning at the PGA Championship and Oak Hill has been deluged by rain. So much rain, in fact, that GIF reveal that the grounds crew has resorted to squeegeeing off the course. Not only that, the rain may have caused some soggy-induced friskiness in at least one patron as evidenced by a sly boob grab videobomb.

Also, in non-rain-related GIF-iness, some kid decided to bust a move behind David Feherty during the Golf Channel’s a.m. coverage. All good stuff.

On come the GIFs, the first one via The Big Lead:

Next up, squeegees (via Business Insider):

And finally, epic handful of boobage videobombing of Phil Mickelson and caddie Jim “Bones” MacKay (via Terez Owens):

Unfortunately, while the GIF does show how the guy creepily pulls his gal over to be more visible to the camera, not to mention the guy giving a thumb’s up to the camera following the boob grab, Busted Coverage has got us covered with the video to more adequately document this dude’ abject perviness:

What a pervy creep, man.