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Jason Dufner holes out for eagle from way out, Justin Rose takes huge divot (GIFs)


The GIFs are coming fast and furious on Friday as the players slog their way through a soggy second round of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill. Boob grab videobombs, squeegees and a dancing kid were covered previously, now comes GIF-fey goodness showing how Jason Dufner got his round off to a miraculous start by holing out for eagle from the fairway on the second hole and while it occurred on Thursday, the unbelievably ginormous divot Justin Rose ripped out of the course merits a mention.

Dufner’s amazing eagle-2 on the second hole started with the Auburn alum carrying the pin by nearly 30 feet and the ball doing the backup boogaloo (thanks, Golden Tee) before finding the hole, which was a fortunate result, as had it not found the bottom of the cup, the ball probably would have rolled off the front of the green.

Wowee-kazowee. That shot warrants a little post-round Dufnering, right?

And here’s Justin Rose carving out a massive divot on Thursday:

Yowsers. There’s a saying I have heard a couple times that when taking a divot while golfing, one should aim for a New York Strip-sized one in both width and length, not a rump roast. Rose’s divot was like a side of beef, man.

[H/T SB Nation]