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Citizens Bank Park groundskeeper gets eaten by tarp, somehow survives (video)


Heavy rains interrupted the game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs in the sixth inning on Thursday. The downpour delayed the game for 22 minutes, and if it hadn’t been for the competent work of the grounds crew at Citizens Bank Park, the delay may have lasted even longer.

Much of the credit stems from the fact that the grounds crew ensures that the tarp covers the infield as soon as humanly possible, even if that means the crew has to leave behind a fallen soldier in the process.

As the unit was dragging the tarp, one man near the middle of the line went down, but time is of the essence, so the crew continued to drape the protective covering over the infield, not knowing if they would ever see their fallen comrade again.

Video via CSN Chicago:

Whew. That was a close one, but in the end, the fallen groundskeeper emerged from under the tarp, seemingly no worse for wear, unscathed and uninjured.

But the stories he will tell about his nightmarish ordeal and the hell he endured as he was trapped inside the belly of the savage beast. (Shudders)

[H/T The700Level]