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Graffiti celebrating Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win popping up in Chicago (pic)


According to a 5 NBC Chicago report, graffiti paying tribute to the second Stanley Cup title for the Chicago Blackhawks in four years have been popping up around Chicago.

The pieces of street art, stenciled representations of an anonymous Blackhawks player hoisting the Stanley Cup above his head, have been seen on Addison-Lincoln underpass and around the Northwest Side of the Windy City.

No one knows who is responsible for them, but a city spokesperson has said the tributes have been deemed graffiti and according to policy, will be removed.

Lame. But as it is often said, you can’t fight City Hall. Although with a bunch of stencils, nothing really can stop whoever is behind the tributes from spray-painting a new one for every one that is removed.

¡Viva La Revolución!

[Eye on Hockey]