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Precision: Aaron Rodgers drops football in small net from 50 yards out (video)


This just in: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a pretty darn good slinger of the old pigskin. During Thursday’s training camp practice, the one-time All-Pro, NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion put on a precise display of his deadly accuracy, dropping a football in a tiny net target from about 50 yards out with a perfectly thrown pass.

This is why little kids are left in awe of the guy.

Pretty slick. Almost as slick as when he zinged that TMZ dude outside an L.A. club a few weeks ago.

Sure, Rodgers may have caught some flak from his former teammate, current Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings, over what Jennings claims is the lack of a “team-first” attitude on the part of Rodgers, but one thing is for certain: When you can throw a ball like Rodgers can, who cares what former teammates have to say about you?

And did you notice how Rodgers busted out the “Strapping on the Belt/Discount Double Check” move once he saw that a camera captured his amazing pass? What a cad.