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Rory McIlroy’s house? In case you were wondering, yeah, it’s pretty nice (video)


On the eve of the PGA Championship kicking off at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY, defending champion allowed PGA Tour cameras inside his palatial Jupiter, Fla. home for an “exclusive look” at how the better half live.

And despite his many struggles on the course over the past year, being Rory McIlroy remains a pretty good gig if you can get it.

Watching Rory show off his pad reveals he’s just like most people. He likes hanging out, making smoothies, you know, stuff like that. Only he does those things in a multimillion dollar estate surrounded by the finest things money can buy. Same difference, though.

It’s amazing what $10.9 million can buy. And how about that pool table? Holy crap, is that awesome. It was a gift from his girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki. But don’t worry, she’s doing alright, too, so blowing thousands of dollars on a pool table ain’t no big thing for her, either.

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