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Mark Sanchez expertly responds to troll’s wish that he tears his ACL on Twitter


Mark Sanchez’s career with the New York Jets has had its fair share of ups but arguably many, many more downs. Because of this, he has been a much-maligned figure, both in New York media circles and and vitriolic Jets fans alike. Granted, videos surfacing of Sanchez dancing bare-assed, not to mention how he wears a ridiculous headband at times certainly hasn’t helped his cause, but Sanchez more or less has handled the hate and some may say unfair criticism with class and professionalism.

And now, Sanchez should be praised for how well he reacted to some troll on Twitter wishing injury upon him. It was an exercise in social media zing brilliance.

The tweet exchange between Sanchez and the ham-fisted Internet troglodyte about how this moron hopes Sanchez blows out his knee in Friday’s preseason game occurred on Wednesday evening and transpired as follows (via @Mark_Sanchez):

Fantastic. Mark Sanchez, 1. Anonymous, hateful, idiotic Internet troll, 0.

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