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Fittingly, Maria Sharapova looks in great shape in Shape mag photo spread (pics)


Maria Sharapova, currently ranked as the third-best women’s tennis player on the planet by the WTA, snagged the cover of the upcoming Sept. 2013 issue of Shape magazine.

And in a fitting coincidence — and probably an obligatory one to boot — the cover pic, as well as the accompanying photos of Sharapova in the issue, illustrate that yes, the 26-year-old Russian smokeshow is in tremendously good shape.


Yep, mighty fine shape that Maria Sharapova is in. To quote the cover, “Toned ABS! Shapely BUTT! Lean LEGS!” Almost wants to make a person want to emulate the grueling routine she puts herself through to look like that. Almost.

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(photos via My Face Hunter)