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MMA fighter Lyoto Machida and a sexy reporter drink each other’s urine (video)


Um, yeah. Don’t really know how to set this one up, so here goes. During an interview between MMA fighter Lyoto Machida and attractive Brazilian reporter Sabrina Sato, the topic of urophagia came up.

Urophagia, of course — I’m writing like I actually knew what it was — is the practice of drinking urine, which apparently is practiced by some in the Japanese MMA community. So there you go.

Somehow, the two agree to drink the urine of the other person. And there you go.

From the YouTube description:

This is a clip from the very popular TV show “Panico na TV.” Its a mix of Howard Stern/Jackass humor and they sent out two of there reporters to cover UFC 163. Sabrina Sato the very sexy co-host decides she’s going to ask Lyoto if he’ll drink her urine since he practices “Urophagia.”

Here Sato asks Lyoto to drink her urine and Lyoto agrees, but only if she drinks his. The video should be easy to understand even if you don’t speak Portuguese.

NOTE: I suppose the video could be considered NSFW, if a video featuring the two people swilling another person’s pee can be deemed as such.

Yeah, gross. That’s all I got.

[H/T Guyism]