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LeBron James, pumped for jury duty, posts selfie to commemorate moment (pic)


Yes, it’s the NBA offseason. And that means when LeBron James posts a selfie in order to document that he has been tabbed for jury duty, it’s news. Well, it’s somewhat news. In a “LeBron James something something Pauly Shore reference something something” kind of news.

Surprisingly, the Miami Heat world champion not only isn’t trying to get out of jury duty as many celebrities do, he appears pretty pumped up about it.

Or he’s being sarcastic. I’m guessing the former as opposed to the latter. Despite his regal moniker, as far as the responsibilities associated with being a good citizen of a democratic state are concerned, that’s just how King James rolls. Attached to the above photo posted on Thursday morning is the message, “Jury duty time. Time to serve my civic duty.” And serve he shall.

Best of luck in landing on a jury for a juicy case that is full of intrigue and excitement, LeBron James. Hopefully, he isn’t stuck snoozing in the jury box through some lame trial about who knows what.

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