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Hey, a photo of Kobe Bryant’s Achillies scar, it ain’t half-ba–GAHHHHHHHH!!!


Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! That ain’t right, man. Kobe Bryant uploaded a photo to his Facebook page that provided all-too-disturbing evidence what kind of incision needs to be made into a person’s lower leg in order to surgically repair a busted-up Achilles. In this case, the Achilles is of course the one the Black Mamba tore during an April 12 game against the Golden State Warriors last season.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is attacking rehab with the same trademark gusto, grit and determination he consistently exhibits on the court and appears to be on the fast track to making a remarkably speedy comeback from the injury and surgical procedure. The 34-year-old veteran recently stated that he “shattered” the Achilles injury/surgery recovery timetable. Another thing he shattered: My already-fragile psyche as a consequence of taking a gander at that scar.

Now that post-surgery example of nightmare fuel is the kind of thing that should make a grown man cry. Yikes.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]