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Indians fan’s sign begs question: Is Michael Bourn too beaucoup? (photo)


Summer nights in Da Nang, am I right? Er, I mean Cleveland. A huge fan of Michael Bourn proudly displayed the above sign, presumably during a recent game at Progressive Field, which more than abundantly — and eloquently — professed her admiration for the Cleveland Indians outfielder. The colorful piece of tagboard indicates just how much Bourn affects her and the lengths she would be willing to go to prove her profound and seemingly intense sense loyalty to the ballplayer.

Via reddit baseball:


And yes, I have made the editorial decision to assume that the gal was making a “Full Metal Jacket” reference (YouTube video NSFW), not a reference to the 2 Live Crew song that sampled the dialogue from the aforementioned titular scene.

Also, I realize that the “too beaucoup” line is from an entirely different scene (also NSFW) involving an entirely different hooker, but work with me here. I’m giving you gold with “Full Metal Jacket” references in posts about a sign some Cleveland Indians fan held up, for crying out loud.

[H/T Eye on Baseball]