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Darnell Dockett gives Tyrann Mathieu, Cardinals rookies awful haircuts (photos)

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett, a man always open to engaging in some skullduggery (see here), engaged in some training camp hijinks by being the ring leader in some good old fashioned rookie hazing.

The tried and true practice of welcoming rookies to the team through acts of humiliation is a time-honored tradition at NFL training camps, so long as no one is hurt.

That’s why forcing rookies to bow down to the clippers and submit to an atrocious haircut is such a hit. No harm, no foul, other than the profound embarrassment suffered by the poor rookies.

Dockett gave awful haircuts to several rookies, but the true prize had to be defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, otherwise known as the “Honey Badger.”

And there wasn’t anything sweet about Honey Badger’s new ‘do, that’s for sure.

Dockett uploaded evidence of his hairstyle handiwork to his Twitter account:

As you can see, each photo features the accompanying message, “Cuts by Dockett $7.99.” Does that mean Dockett made them pay for the haircuts on top of awfulness? Let’s hope not.

Actually, I like the last one. It’s like a Mr. T/Jules Winnfield hybrid. That guy got off lucky.