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Lions rookie corner Darius Slay thought talk of ‘Lambeau’ was about a Lamborghini


The Detroit Lions used a second-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft to select Darius Slay, a cornerback out of Mississippi State University. And while it remains to be seen how Slay will perform in his rookie season, it might be a good idea for him to brush up on the names of NFL stadiums. That way, he won’t be so confused when teammates discuss one of them and then embarrass himself by thinking the guys were talking about a car.

But that apparently was the scene that played out recently at Lions training camp, when the Georgia native heard his teammates mention “Lambeau” during a film session, of course in reference to the longtime home of the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field.

And that’s when things got embarrassing. For Slay.

In an extensive profile of the rookie corner in Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King reports that when Slay chimed in “Lambo? Like the car?” after Lambeau was mentioned, his veteran teammates couldn’t believe it.

Said Slay about his gaffe: “I knew what a Lambo was, but I didn’t know it was Green Bay’s stadium. They said, ‘Man, that’s the stadium!’ I said, ‘Oh man . . .’ ”

Oh man, indeed. Hopefully, one of his teammates fill him in on Ford Field” before Slay makes a similar mistake when the fellas are discussing the team’s home stadium. That would be awkward.

I guess it could be worse. Slay could have gotten a ginormous tiger tattoo on his back after catching on with the Lions instead of his screw-up over the name of a rival’s stadium. That’s worse, right?