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Young Packers fan cannot believe he’s shaking the hand of Aaron Rodgers (pic)

Some images don’t need much explanation. This is one of those images. All I know is this young Green Bay Packers fan will never forget the day he shook the hand of the team’s superstar, Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, for the rest of his life. The photo was uploaded to Twitter by the team and took place during a break in practice on Sunday. Pretty awesome. And it reminds cynical folks like yours truly what it used to be like to love sports before growing older and even more cynical, more jaded.

Maybe after this momentous experience he’ll tell his folks that it’s time to retire the Charles Woodson No. 21 jersey and convince them to spring for a new Aaron Rodgers jersey. Let’s hope they accommodate his request.

[H/T For the Win]