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Blatant Homerism

Twins fans short a dude need carboard cutout to spell ‘T-W-I-N-S’ on chests (vid)


The Kansas City Royals not only hosted the Minnesota Twins at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday evening, the team also welcomed four shirtless Twinkies-backers who found themselves short one additional dude needed in order to have “T-W-I-N-S” emblazoned upon their bare chests while enjoying some Coors Light tallboys.

So they improvised. With cardboard.


You have to give credit were credit is due. It’s a far better thing to create a cardboard pal than to spell “T-I-N-S.” But what of the missing dude? Was there a disagreement over who would sport which letter? Did the guy flake on the game? Miss the bus? Did these guys have to pay for a ticket for their cardboard buddy? So many questions.

Or maybe, just maybe, the missing guy didn’t want to be associated with people who paint their chests and attend sporting events.


Gotta support the team.