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Tim Tebow weighs in on Riley Cooper controversy, says he’s ‘praying for him’


The New England Patriots visited Philly to participate in a joint training camp practice with the Philadelphia Eagles as the teams engaged in some scrimmaging during a full contact workout on Tuesday.

This meant that Tim Tebow was in the very same place when his former Florida Gators teammate, Riley Cooper, returned to Eagles practice after the wide receiver was excused from all team activities last Friday in light of the controversy stemming from a video that surfaced of Cooper using a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert.

Tebow’s presence at the joint practice provided an opportunity for the Patriots quarterback to weigh in on the mess Cooper has created for himself. And of course, Tebow mentioned that he’s praying for his former Gators teammate.

Tebow was not only Cooper’s teammate at Florida, the two were roommates from 2006-2009. Tebow was hesitant to say too much about Cooper, but did say a few things that were consistent what one would expect Tebow to say.

“I haven’t gotten to (talk to) him yet,” Tebow said, as quoted in a report. “But it’s good to see him in person. We’re friends, we’ve been close for a long time, so we’ll talk.”

Tebow continued, mentioning how Cooper is in his thoughts.

“I’m sure I’ll see him soon. I’m praying for him.”

When pressed to comment further, Tebow reportedly withdrew a bit. Asked for his thoughts on the entire controversy, Tebow simply stated, “That’s for our relationship,” he said. “Right now the focus is on getting better and being out here and I’m going to keep it at that.”

When asked to comment on his perception of Cooper as a person, Tebow said, “I’m just going to keep our relationship private,” adding, “That’s where it needs to be.”

“The Patriot Way,” indeed.

To put it another way, Tebow’s reluctant statements on Cooper feature an intermingling of “The Patriots Way” and “The Tebow Way” in that while keeping things close to the chest, Tebow also invoked his Christian beliefs and did his very best to not offend a single person with his comments. Well played. I guess.