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Tiger Woods appears to troll autograph seekers at PGA Championship (video)


Actually, that is a pretty sensationalistic way of describing what occurred as Tiger Woods passed by a frantic gallery of overeager autograph seekers while walking around the grounds of Oak Hill as the golfer prepared for the PGA Championship.

While at first look it does seem like Tiger is trolling the mass of humanity seeking his autograph — he takes a few steps towards them, thinks about it, then turns and walks away while appearing to grin — Woods did provide a perfectly legitimate and understandable reason for sidestepping the situation on Tuesday during his press conference.

First the video:

And Tiger’s acceptable explanation, via Eye on Golf:

“Well, the fence almost came down. So they almost knocked the fence down. It gets dangerous. We had a little girl get crushed today, and she was just on the ground crying. People get so aggressive for autographs. And security is trying to be aggressive to protect the little kids up front. You try and sign, but sometimes the adults start running over the little kids up front, and especially on a fence like that, on a hard fence, it can get dangerous sometimes.”

Completely reasonable assessment of a situation that could have gotten real ugly real fast. It’s sad how frantic, pushy and downright aggressive grown adults can get — with little children around, no less — simply in an effort to snag an autograph.

Business Insider broke the video down with Zapruder Film-like focus with the following GIFs:

Yeah, it was probably the right call on Tiger’s part. Between the structural integrity of the fence weakening and the rabid adults, as mentioned above, that probably would have developed into a bad situation on several fronts.

[H/T Chicago Duffer]