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The A-Rod Anti-Highlight Reel has derps, ‘You’re the Best Around’ soundtrack (video)


The litany of derps perpetrated by Alex Rodriguez have been frequently discussed and well-documented. But how about if someone pieced together a majority of A-Rod’s missteps, mistakes and misdeeds and compiled it into one awkwardly embarrassing video?

That’s derpness gold, kiddos.

Created by Joe Perry of VKMTV Productions, this delightful bit of video is great on its own, but when Joe Esposito’s “You’re The Best Around,” the oft-used and referenced song of abject cheesiness from “The Karate Kid” soundtrack, is employed as the soundtrack? Well, it makes it so much better.

VKMTV – The Alex Rodriguez Anti Highlight Reel by vkmtv

Utterly fantastic. Bravo. Bra-freaking-vo. To see all of Alex Rodriguez’s bouts with derp-idity in one video is a hilarious and sobering reminder of what A-Rod is like at his best. Which means his worst, of course.

[H/T With Leather]