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Raul Ibanez’s throw was perfect (had a teammate been standing two feet away) (vid)


During the seventh inning of Tuesday’s Seattle Mariners-Toronto Blue Jays tilt at Safeco Field, M’s outfielder Raul Ibanez made a splendidly awful throw after running to his right to chase down an Edwin Encarnacion single.

After fielding the ball, Ibanez seemingly experienced an internal struggle when deciding where to throw the ball: Throw home in an attempt to hold Jose Bautista at third or throw the ball to second base to thwart any attempt by Encarnacion to stretch out a single to double.

And when conflicting thoughts occur in the middle of throw, bad things apparently will happen, as Ibanez unleashed a dreadful throw that slammed into the ground a mere few feet away from him.


No bueno. Once again, a perfect throw, if only the cutoff man had been standing five feet away from Ibanez.

Bautista would score on Ibanez’s throwing error, the Blue Jays would take a 7-0 lead and go on to win by a score of 7-2.

But the game will be remembered by most for Ibanez’s pitiful throw. Something Ibanez would just as soon prefer to forget.