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Phoenix Suns buy Laos-based ‘’ domain name because why not? (pic)

The Phoenix Suns organization spent a decent chunk of change to secure the name of domain that purports to be something of a zinger aimed squarely at its Pacific Division rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. And the Los Angeles Clippers as well, for that matter. More bang for the buck, it could be argued.

And while the amount of success the two NBA franchises have experienced in recent seasons are on two different levels, the Lakers being “okay” and the the Suns being “meh,” the Suns are retooling and reloading, the Lakers are aging and a once-heated rivalry may soon be rekindled. Consider the purchase of “Beat.LA” domain name the opening salvo.

According to Domain Name Wire, the Suns plunked down over five grand to secure the rights to the domain name, which can be seen here with a placeholder image:

As for the Phoenix Suns, the NBA team bought for $5,300. GoDaddy just started a marketing push to help brand .la as the domain name for Los Angeles, even though it’s the country code domain for Laos. This is a clever domain for the Suns to drum up their rivalry.

Unfortunately for the Lakers and/or Clippers, there is no “pho” country codes, so a return zinger of “Right Back At Ya” isn’t likely, presumably because there is no country with the name “Phoneckistan” or “Phomerica” or “Phouxembourg.”

In any event, while a rivalry featuring two talented teams involving the Suns and Lakers and/or Clippers may be a few years off, it’s still a pretty clever marketing stunt that may pay off down the road.

And better yet, “” is a far better domain name than “clownpenis.fart”, which wouldn’t make any sense at all insofar as the Suns-Lakers are concerned. So why did I bother even bringing it up? Clownpenis.fart, that’s why.

[H/T Ball Don’t Lie]