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Enes Kanter catches super-small first fish on outing with Karl Malone (photo)


Heading into his third season with the Utah Jazz, Enes Kanter may be finally gaining acceptance within the organization as evidenced by his invitation to participate in a rite of passage only a handful of Jazz players are deemed worthy to receive: Jazz legend Karl Malone took him fishing.

Okay, the “Utah Jazz rite of passage” thing is total B.S. — although if there were such a thing, “Going fishing with Karl Malone” would make perfect sense — but Kanter did in fact go fishing with Karl Malone, and he landed and reeled in his first fish. A fish so amazing, so magnificent, its size requires no embellishment.

Because it was so amazingly and magnificently small.

Malone’s wife uploaded a photo to document Kanter’s first catch to Instagram:

Now that is one lunker of a sunfish. But it looks like the little guy may have swallowed the hook. Better hope Malone has one of those red hook remover tools in his tackle box. And while not a glamorous experience for someone who once referred to himself as “Pimp Daddy”, until you rip the gills out of a baby Sunny while trying to extract a swallowed hook, you are no true fisherman.

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