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Tiger Woods weighs in on morons yelling ‘GET IN THE HOLE!!!’ after every shot


During his Tuesday press conference at Oak Hill in advance of the PGA Championship which starts on Thursday, Tiger Woods let his opinions be known about the goofballs who insist on yelling, “GET IN THE HOLE!!!” or “MASHED POTATOES!!” or whatever other idiotic and nonsensical utterance that happens to enter their pea-brains as they watch the best golfers in the world practice their craft.

Not surprisingly, Woods, who will attempt to break a dreadful slump in majors this week, isn’t impressed with most of hackneyed hijinks.

Via @PGAChampionship:

Of course, Woods prefers it when patrons keep their mouths shut and resist the urge to take photos as he swings, but listening to idiots try to attract attention to themselves by yelling must be profoundly aggravating to golfers as well. It’s annoying enough as a viewer, it can only be worse on the course, especially when some presumably drunken buffoon yells “GET IN THE HOLE!!!” following a tee shot on a Par-5.

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