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Trippy: Rickie Fowler practices on a ‘Psychedelic Driving Range’ (video)


Don’t take the brown acid, Rickie.

If anyone has ever wondered what playing golf in the throes of a peak of an LSD trip smack dab in the middle of a Pink Floyd laser light show might look like, Red Bull and Rickie Fowler have teamed up to provide a unique visual representation of how it may play out.

To prepare for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill this week, Fowler and his caddie Joe Skovron traveled to the Uline Sports Arena in Washington, D.C. where a “Psychedelic Driving Range” (whatever that means) had been constructed.

As explained on Red Bull’s YouTube page:

Rickie Fowler added creativity to his training regiment for the 95th PGA Championship. Rickie immersed himself in a visually stunning psychedelic driving range complete with projection mapped targets, state of the art sound, and a stadium size laser and light show.

I don’t know how much this will help Fowler navigate his way around Oak Hill in a sober state of mind, but if he were to take a tab of acid before he took the course in an golfing homage to Dock Ellis, well, I guess this kind of preparation couldn’t hurt.

If Aldous Huxley and Dr. Timothy Leary had ever been paired up for a round of golf on the first tee box, this is pretty much what it would have entailed, at least according to their tweaked-out, respective perceptions of it. Very little golf and a lot of freaky-deaky visuals. I’d have hated getting stuck behind that twosome.

[H/T Gizmodo]