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Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley’s warm-up routine features twerking (video/photos)


If there remains an unfortunate segment of the blogosphere-perusing population that has yet to ever hear (or more fittingly, see) professional surfer Anastasia Ashley, that likely won’t last much longer now that a video has surfaced of her seductive warm-up routine that involves a wondrous display of twerking.

Much like Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke catapulted to stardom courtesy of her sultry pre-race routine, Ashley’s pre-surfing routine definitely will have the same effect.

And it’s not like the 26-year-old California native has been bashful about putting herself out there, either, as she has garnered plenty of attention already by appearing in numerous men’s magazines and things of that nature.

Video and photographic primer follows.

[H/T The Big Lead]