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Peyton Manning, Eli Manning don cheesy wigs, rap in new DirecTV spot (video)


Peyton Manning is willing to do pretty much anything to move product for the companies he is paid to endorse, and Eli Manning appears to be catching on to how it pays to be goofy in order to get paid.

Teaming up for a new DirecTV commercial, Peyton and Eli are sure to receive a healthy smattering of grief from their respective Denver Broncos and New York Giants teammates for donning ridiculous wigs and showcasing their 80s-era rap/R&B skills to promote “Football on Your Phone.”

Here’s the extended version of the ad that presumably will be on a continuous loop for the next several months during any NFL-related broadcast:

Good Lord. As noted by Newsday, perhaps the best line in the entire track is when Eli says, “It’s like I spilled milk all over your blouse on accident, or on pupose. It’s like the milk is football and your blouse is the phone. Uh huh. Yea.”

Wait. What?

In all honesty, it’s a pretty slick slow jam. And Peyton and Eli’s rhyme-saying skills? Pretty dope. Pretty dope indeed.

And throwing in a cameo from a pimped-out Archie Manning? Word to your father.