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Kobe Bryant posts, takes down, re-posts bikini pics of wife Vanessa (photos)


It was a post-up, take-down, re-post Instagram saga for the ages (and frankly, aren’t they all?) on Monday when Los Angeles Lakers rehabbing superstar Kobe Bryant published sultry photos of his wife, Vanessa, posing in a bikini on a balcony.

Initially, it was reasonable to suspect that Kobe may have ran afoul of his wife or didn’t appreciate the sophomoric displays of unbridled horndoggery in the comments section as possible reasons for why the photo was taken down in the first place. But not so fast, compadre.

It turns out that Kobe simply wanted to add a “@KobeBryant” watermark to the photographs, lest the photos be used without anyone viewing them being aware of the fact that Kobe was the one who originally posted them and tragically not receive the deserved credit.

Bryant apparently is quite proud of his wife and her figure, and indicated as much in the message attached to the photos.

Via Instagram:

Kobe also wanted to make sure that each and every ogler be aware that they’re real and they’re spectacular. His message accompanying the photos: “Miss my #Qm #allreal #Ishouldknow #CapriSun #chinatour.”

All real … ahhhh yeahhhh.

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