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Meet Dennis Drinkwater, the Red Sox fan who refuses to flinch at foul balls (vid)


One of the more amusing scenes often enjoyed while taking in an MLB game on television is watching the reactions of fans seated behind the protective netting that encircles the seats behind home plateĀ jump, scream and/or nearly crap their pants when a foul ball comes screaming back at them.

And while funny, it’s a completely understandable reaction. It’s easy to forget in the split second between the ball making contact with the bat and it’s eventual bounce off the netting that there is a barrier between a person and the action on the field.

That is what makes Dennis Drinkwater’s stoic, never-jumpy responses to balls fouled back in his direction as he sits in his customary seats behind home plate at Fenway Park all the more impressive.

A friend to The Nosebleeds has compiled a delightful video showcasing how Drinkwater, who apparently is something of a legendary figure in Red Sox Nation, never reacts when a foul ball comes flying his way.

Fantastic. There is no chance that this guy has never had to withstand the “Two for Flinching” punishment once in this life, if anyone was ever foolish enough to try it out on him.