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Chicago Blackhawks’ Andrew Shaw auctioning off Stanley Cup stitches (photo)


During Game 6 of the Chicago Blackhawks’ series-clinching victory in the Stanley Cup Finals, Chicago Blackhawks center Andrew Shaw was on the receiving end of a puck to the face that left him a grotesque mess during the championship-celebrating revelry that followed and in the weeks that followed.

To help raise money to benefit The V Foundation, Shaw is auctioning off the stitches that have since been plucked out of his face.

Via Facebook:


Starting Thursday August 15th, 2013 we will be auctioning off the actual stitches that Andrew Shaw received from a puck he took to the face in Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals. This auction will be run for ten days ending on August 25th, 2013 on

We will post links to the auction on this page. The stitches are being professionally framed with an autographed photograph of Andrew Shaw plus there will be other items included in this auction lot.

The best part? The entire final bid price, 100% will be directly donated to The V Foundation for Cancer Research. The V Foundation has promised us that the entire donation will be allocated to breast cancer research.

While not the most flashy of possible Stanley Cup-related memorabilia, there is no doubt some diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan will be more than willing to part with a decent chunk of change to get his or her mitts on Shaw’s stitches.

And even though face stitches are fine, let’s hope that Shaw’s clever way to raise funds for charity doesn’t catch on. There’s little need for athletes to begin auctioning off items related to gruesome injuries or messy surgeries. “Hey look! Bloody and crusty gauze that was affixed to the groin of my favorite professional athlete! I think there might even be a chunk of scab on it! How much?”

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