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Gators coach Will Muschamp, on why woodpeckers can’t get concussions (video)


With all the talk about concussions and the sobering realization of how deep of an impact the injury has upon the world of sports, specifically contact sports, have you ever caught yourself wondering if there are species in the animal kingdom who are immune to the devastating malady? And if so, why are these animals able to withstand potential trauma to the brain without any after-effects?

If you have wondered these things (and quite frankly, who hasn’t?), Florida Gators head football coach Will Muschamp recently shed some light on the baffling world of concussions within the animal kingdom, specifically as it relates to the ornithological spectrum of study.

Muschamp recently was asked about the mindset of Gators defensive end Ronald Powell, who is attempting to come back following ACL surgery. Somehow, Muschamp segued the discussion into concussions. And woodpeckers.

Wait. What?

As transcribed by Campus Union:

Every situation when you’re dealing with the human body’s different. Every person is different.

Yesterday, we had Mickey Collins in, who’s a concussion expert, was talking to us about when you deal with concussions and when you come back from concussions. And he talked about a coach he once dealt with that made the comment that, this player, you could take a shovel and hit him in the back of the head and nothing ever would happen, and this player could bump into a wall, and he’s gonna have a concussion. And Mickey simply said the point, ‘that’s right.’

Everyone is different. And everyone handles it different.

A woodpecker’s never gonna have a concussion. I bet you didn’t know that. That’s a true story. Isn’t it? He said it. They got an extra bone in their neck. They have an extra bone in their neck, and they never can have a concussion. You learn something new every day, and you just learned something new.

So, my point being, everyone’s different. I know one thing: he’s really excited to practice.

Again, wait. What?

I’m sure in his mind, Muschamp had the best intentions — and that’s without the benefit of an extra bone to protect his brain — but woodpeckers? That’s for the birds.